See What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork, And Learn Why You Should Avoid It

See the consequences of consuming pork

Billions of people around the globe can’t help but consume meat such as pork regardless of their health, culture and traditional status. Unfortunately, what we are ignoring is the fact that pigs eat disgusting things like their own feces, urine, spoiled foods, etc. therefore, their organs and fats gathered toxins that can’t be dissolved or eliminated.

A hazardous contaminant in the pig’s body called Yersinia enterocolitica, which when consumed and ingested leads to fever, cramps, sickness vomiting and diarrhea.

Furthermore, Taenia solium is found in the pig’s intestine leads to loss of appetite while, Trichinella, a parasitic worm, causes myalgia, edema, malaise and fever. Another microorganism called Ractopamine, found in animal’s body can even lead to death.

So, the solution to eliminate the aforementioned parasites present in pork meat is to cook it at high temperatures. Additionally, follow a good hygiene and wash your hands after touching raw pork and make sure to ensure and double-check the meat that you bought hasn’t been injected any chemicals, medications, ractopamine and anti-toxins.

Most people buy pork in factory farms which unluckily, doesn’t offer pig any fresh air, clean and green pastures and natural light. Instead, they inject these animals with anti-infection agents and medications which make them unnaturally grow and age fast.

Well, now that you are greatly informed of what happens to animals such as pigs, so consuming it means a great risk to our health. So, avoiding it is the best or just checking the supplier will be a better option before eating it too.

You can see the consequences of eating pork on the video below!


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