Foods that Will Hydrate Your Skin

The changing seasons and weather is not really a friend to our skin as they rob our skin of their moisture. This is why we end up with dry and flaky skin when we don’t address it as soon as possible. Most of us rely on moisturizing creams and lotions to help sustain our skin […]

Stiletto Nail Designs to Try

Women are becoming fancier with their nails these days thanks to the appearance of nail art, where the nails become an extension of one’s personality in a whole new way. Nail salons and nail artists are coming up with designs and styles that will make your nails stand out. Gone are the days when we […]

Oils to Use from Head to Toe

Our skin needs nourishing for it to stay soft, smooth, and supple as we age. Unfortunately, most of us rely on skin care products that are filled with chemicals that are actually doing more harm than good in the long run. What if we tell you that you can actually use certain types of oils […]

Diseases Connected to Mercury Poisoning

If you have been exhibiting symptoms of mercury poisoning, then you should immediately seek treatment, not only because mercury poisoning in itself can be fatal in higher doses, but because they can also trigger other diseases. The problem is, mercury has a very destructive effect on the human body in general, and is known to […]