Health Benefits of Eggplant

Eggplants are one of the most underrated vegetable out there. There is a myth that eggplants do not contain any health benefit or nutrients at all. Eggplant has been given the reputation of being non-nourishing and something that should not be fed to children. This is a load of bologna. Whoever started this myth should […]

Fight Stress with Essential Oils

Stress is always part of our daily lives. From our house to our work, to dealing with our families and friends, we get stressed from time to time. Although stress can be handled by many, there are those who are suffering from severe stress which is one of the reasons they often experience stress-related issues […]

Must Try Lipsticks for Fall

Upgrading one’s wardrobe is relatively easy compared to choosing what lipstick shade to wear to match the season. Pale hues look great especially when you’re after a natural look but if you want to have your lips make an impact when you step outside the door, you might want to change your lipstick color as […]

How to Fix your Hair like a Movie Star

Have you tried fixing your hair like a movie star? If you have always wanted to fix your hair in such a way that it makes you look elegant and cultured, then you should definitely try styling your hair. Styling your hair can make you look more attractive and give you more edge than you […]

Advantages of Using Water Based Nail Polish

Nail colors come in hundreds of different types that are not only gorgeous to look at but can actually help you make a statement with your hands. Just imagine the different nail styles that you can do with your nails to match your outfits for the week. But for those who have been using regular […]

Palm Oil Overview

Palm Oil is the largest source of vegetable oil that serves a wide variety of uses in various fields of industry, ranging from cosmetics, health, to commercial cooking. Palm oil is refined in nature as its components solely come from the kernel and flesh of the Palm tree. The Palm extraction process is known to […]

Tone Your Arms with No Weights

Nothing looks better in a tank top than a well-toned arms. Who wouldn’t want toned arms? But getting them is a lot more difficult than wanting them. Waking up and dragging yourself to the gym to lift some weights can be too much of a hassle for some people. Though, weights can be the best […]