10 Easy Tips to a Healthier Thanksgiving

We all tend to splurge on foods every holidays and Thanksgiving is no exception. You probably have problems with weight gain during the holidays because of this. Fear not because there are easy to follow holiday tips to a healthier Thanksgiving. Scroll down below to find out and enjoy the holiday feast without the guilt […]

Benefits of Vegetables and White Fruits

Experts encourage people to eat fruits and vegetables at half of the plate in every meal because it reduce the risk of chronic diseases and provide our body with necessary nutrients like folate, fiber, potassium and vitamins A, C and E. The common types of white fruits and vegetables are onions, mushrooms, bananas, potatoes, pear, […]

Know These 5 Hormones That Mess With You Every Month

Do you experience mood swings, irrational crying fits, and out of the ordinary cravings? If once a month you experience some of these things, then guess what? This is just normal as reproductive hormones can affect your appetite, fertility, period, sex drive and even your mental state. Read on below and use them to keep […]

How to Look Fresh after the Gym

Working out do great things to our body, it makes us healthy and also help our emotional and mental capacity to be more stable. But after long hours of training, whether in the gym or outdoors, some of us are having a hard time looking fresh when we sweat. Some even look haggard or exhausted […]

How to Fight Weight Gain Caused by Birth Control

Gaining weight is normal to a pregnant woman, but using contraceptives also contribute in weight gain. There are lots of choices from condoms, pills, the ring, implant, IUDs, injections and patches used in preventing pregnancy. Birth control is a fertility control to prevent the ovulation or meeting of the egg and sperm during sexual intercourse. […]

Want to Lose Weight? Start Investing in You

Women nowadays can be seen anywhere. They are quite active than the old days, where there are limited opportunities and working is not that usual especially for mom’s. But now women compete in the community and participate in many aspects of work. But when was the last time we did something for ourselves? Whether it […]