Straighten Your Hair like a Pro

Do you believe that you can wake up to straight hair all the time? This is simply one of those urban myths regarding hair that some actually believe in. Even though you have long, straight hair, you will be hard pressed to count the number of times you woke up with hair that is frizz […]

Makeup Tips to Look Your Best at Night

Did someone say party? Cool! You’ll be wearing that fancy dress you’ve just bought, and you’ll finally sport that strappy heels you’ve been dying to wear on a night out. But you’re probably panicking already on what makeup to use for tonight’s festivities because, after all, who doesn’t want to look great, right? Well, evening […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Loving Your Nails

Your nails are probably the last thing to pop into your mind when it comes to beauty but this should not be so. For one thing, your hands are doing quite a lot of work and your nails are constantly exposed to water, heat, and other environmental factors that can make them brittle, discolored, and […]

What To Do When Your Kids Are Picky Eaters?

Feeding children can be a rather tedious and frustrating activity. Although you may want to avoid fights and tantrums with your children, it is your duty to provide a health and balanced meal at the same time. Here are then suggestions that will help you avoid the usual problems of feeding small children, and help […]