7 Ways to Use Coconut to Kick Your Sugar Habit

Sugar is responsible for a lot of the ills that we face these days, from weight gain, to skin problems to diabetes. It damages teeth, it’s addictive and it spikes your blood sugar leading to a release of insulin. Problem is though… it also tastes really good and gives us that great boost of energy […]

How to Reset Your Hormones and Melt Fat

There is a very vocal crowd of health experts and fitness enthusiasts on the web who trumpet the message that ‘a calorie is a calorie’. They will tell you in no uncertain terms (whether or not you ask) that all that matters is reducing your caloric intake, regardless of what you end up eating as […]

This Common Vitamin Deficiency Triggers Depression

Visit your doctor with depression and there’s a good chance they’ll prescribe you antidepressants along the lines of SSRIs or barbiturates. This is despite the fact that antidepressants have serious negative side effects, can be addictive and don’t treat the root cause of the problem. And it’s also before testing the whole host of potential […]